Quadrocopter- landing on a moving platform

This project was conducted under the Computer Vision group at Technical University Munich http://vision.in.tum.de/ The project involved using cameras to track and follow a marker on the ground as well as land on top of this marker when commanded. An android phone interface was also developed so that the quadrocoptor could be either be manually controlled or issued autonomous mode commands, such as “track” or “land”.

The quadrocopter platform for this project was the ardrone. It had a forward facing camera and a down facing camera, accelerometers for odometry data and communication was via WLAN. The codebased was developed using ROS and ran on a desktop computer, only the low level control and stabilization ran on the quadrocopter itself.

In order to autonomously track and land on a marker, a number of vision and control algorithms were implemented.

Flight and landing operation

Landing Procedure

The following videos show the tracking, landing, and smartphone control interface.

Final Presentation Slides

Get the code: svn checkout svn:svn.code.sf.net/p/quadro-nav/code/trunk quadro-nav-code