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CoTeSys-ROS Fall School on Cognition-enabled Mobile Manipulation

Autonomous mobile manipulation is expected to make a quantum leap over the next couple of years. The reasons are manifold and include the following ones. Sensor-equipped mobile manipulation platforms are becoming more affordable and more widely available. Leading-edge computer vision and 3D perception get finally applied to real scenes in autonomous robotics applications. Cognition- and AI-based control techniques are being successfully grounded into high-end robot control systems and are becoming mature enough to substantially increase the generality, flexibility, and reliability of robots' activities. Also, comprehensive open-source software libraries that contain leading-edge software tools for perception, learning and planning and all the way to hand manipulations are being developed and are supported by strong communities. The CoTeSys-ROS Fall School on Cognition-enabled Mobile Manipulation will introduce the participants into the exciting research area of autonomous mobile manipulation. Introductory lectures will be given by world renowned experts in the fields of 2D/3D perception, learning, reasoning and planning. The lectures will be complemented with hands-on practical exercises using various modules of the open-source ROS framework. Many of principle developers will be present and available for support and interaction. The application domain for the fall school will be everyday manipulation in human living environments. The goal to be pursued throughout the whole week will be to build a practical application on the high-end robots (e.g. TUM-Rosie, PR2) that will give robots the power to perceive and interpret typical scenes in households, reason about and infer the subsequent course of actions and to finally execute them in the form of mobile manipulation.

Flyer of the fall school: fall-school-flyer.pdf

Topics and Program

  • Day 1: ROS Introduction
  • Day 2: From Sensors to Data and Processing
  • Day 3: Presentation Day
  • Day 4: Knowledge Processing & Learning
  • Day 5: Perception of Scenes
  • Day 6: Planning & Control

The detailed schedule is available here.

Intended Audience

PhD students and researchers interested-in or working in the fields of personal robotics, robot perception, mobile manipulation as well as robotics middleware. It is expected that the school will host 40 students students from across the world. While the school is operated on the basis of tuition, a limited number of scholarships will be made available by the sponsors. The school organization primarily benefits from the generous contribution of the lecturers' volunteering time.

Relation to the Previous Events

Our goal is to link the school to previous events in the mobile robotics field, including:

  • Player Summer School on Cognitive Robotics (PSSCR 2007, Munich), organized by Brian Gerkey, Richard Vaughan, Kurt Konolige, Radu Bogdan Rusu and Michael Beetz
  • IROS 2009 workshop on Semantic Perception for Mobile Manipulation, organized by Radu Bogdan Rusu, Gary Bradski, Kurt Konolige and Michael Beetz
  • ICRA 2010 workshop on Best Practice in 3D Perception and Modeling for Mobile Manipulation, organized by Andreas Nüchter, Alexey Zakharov, Radu Bogdan Rusu, Gary Bradski

Important Dates

Application deadline: August 1, 2010

Notification of acceptance: August 15, 2010

Fall school: November 1-6, 2010

Tuition Fee and Registration

During the summer school, all the students will get an opportunity to shortly present their research. The school fee is 300 Euro. Limited number of scholarships will be made available by the sponsors.


For questions and remarks please send an email to: ros-cotesys-school _at_


  • Michael Beetz, IAS, Technische Universität München
  • Gary Bradski, Willow Garage
  • Dejan Pangercic, IAS, Technische Universität München
  • Radu Bogdan Rusu, Willow Garage

Confirmed Speakers

  • Radu Bogdan Rusu, Willow Garage
  • Brian Gerkey, Willow Garage
  • Victor Eruhrov, Willow Garage
  • E. Gil Jones, Willow Garage
  • Michael Beetz, TUM
  • Mihai Dolha, TUM
  • Herman Bruyninckx, KUL
  • Jürgen Sturm, ALU
  • Martin Riedmiller, ALU
  • Tamim Asfour, KIT
  • Pieter Abbeel, Berkeley
  • Maxim Likhachev, UPENN
  • Kei Okada, JSK
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