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KnowRob tutorial

Presentation slides

The slides can be downloaded here: knowrob-tutorial.pdf

Environment setup

This description assumes that you have already installed the ros-electric-desktop-full package. In addition, you need to install the KnowRob .deb package (to make sure you have all system dependencies installed) and the pr2_object_manipulation stack:

sudo apt-get install ros-electric-knowrob ros-electric-pr2-object-manipulation

Check-out KnowRob from source into a directory in your ROS workspace, e.g. ~/ros. This only works if you have sent your account name on to Moritz to get access. To get your SVN password: Log in on, click on your name, click on “Update your account”, click on “Show API key and extra password”, use the “Extra password”.

cd ~/ros
svn co knowrob
rosmake knowrob

Check out the KnowRob tutorial package, also somewhere into your ROS workspace:

 svn co knowrob_tutorial
rosmake knowrob_tutorial

Check out the RoboEarth stack (have a look here if you get an SSL error)

svn co roboearth
rosmake re_comm
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