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RAM Special issue: Robots on the Web -- Towards a WWW for Nonhumans

(C) IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine 2011

We co-edited the latest issue of the IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine entitled "Robots on the Web – Towards a WWW for Nonhumans". The issue gives an overview of recent approaches to make information on the WWW available to robots and to exchange information between robots over the Internet.

The Intelligent Autonomous Systems Group was involved in three papers in this special issue:

  • Web-Enabled Robots by Moritz Tenorth, Ulrich Klank, Dejan Pangercic and Michael Beetz describes several methods for knowledge acquisition from Internet resources.
  • Furniture Models Learned from the WWW by Oscar Martinez Mozos, Zoltan-Csaba Marton and Michael Beetz describes methods for locating and categorizing unknown pieces of furniture in 3D laser scans based on information from web catalogs.
  • RoboEarth -- A World Wide Web for Robots by Markus Waibel et al. describes the RoboEarth platform, a system for exchanging knowledge about actions, objects and the robot's environment between robots.

Pictures (C) IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine 2011

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