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 +====== RoboHow kick-off meeting ======
 +{{ :​home:​blog:​group-photo-kick-off-small.jpg?​nolink&​400 |}}
 +The kick-off meeting of the RoboHow project took place on Tuesday, March 13th, at TU München. With more than 40 participants,​ it was a very successful meeting and a great start into this exciting project!
 +The meeting was complemented by a workshop about the different control
 +engineering approaches to be used in the project. Several talks gave
 +insight into the techniques used by the project participants and
 +highlighted their specific strengths and applications. They were
 +complemented by invited talks on the control framework used at DLR for
 +the light-weight robot arm, as well as talks about the OpenRTM framework used for the HRP-2 robot.
 +More information about the RoboHow project can be found at [[http://​]]
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