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 +====== Talk at the EUCogIII Members Conference ======
 +{{ :​home:​blog:​michael-beetz-eucog.png?​nolink&​ |}}
 +During the 1st EUCogIII Members Conference, held on February 23-24 in
 +Vienna, Michael Beetz gave an invited talk about Cognition-Enabled
 +Control of Everyday Manipulation. The EuCogIII conference was organized by the [[http://​|European Network for the Advancement of Artificial Cognitive Systems, Interaction and Robotics]].
 +The talk gave an overview of cognition-enabled robot control as a
 +computational model for controlling autonomous service robots to achieve home-chore task intelligence. For the realization of task intelligence,​ this computational model puts forth three core principles, which essentially involve the combination of reactive behavior specifications,​ represented as semantically interpretable plans, with inference mechanisms that enable flexible decision making. The representation of behavior specifications as plans enables the robot to not only execute the behavior specifications,​
 +but also to reason about them and alter them during execution.
 +The [[http://​​sites/​default/​files/​guestlectures_slides/​Beetz.pdf|presentation slides]]
 +and the [[http://​​guest-lectures/​beetz-cognition-enabled-control-of-everyday-manipulation|video]]
 +of the talk are now online in the  [[http://​|ShanghAI lectures repository]].
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