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-====== Open positions in the Intelligent Autonomous Systems group ====== +Please check our current offers ​at our webpage ​of the [[|Image Understanding ​and Knowledge-Based Systems]] group.
- +
-The Intelligent Autonomous Systems Group (Department of Informatics,​ TU München) is looking for excellent doctoral and post-doctoral +
-researchers. +
- +
-Our research focuses on cognition-enabled mobile manipulation,​ aiming ​at integrating perception, knowledge representation,​ reasoning, task +
-planning, motion planning and action execution on physical robots +
-performing complex, realistic tasks. Recent demonstrations include +
-baking pancakes, preparing Bavarian sausages, and mobile +
-pick-and-place-tasks including interaction with articulated objects like cupboards and drawers. +
- +
-As part of the PR2 beta program by Willow Garage, the group has received +
-a PR2 robot to develop the CRAM (Cognitive Robot Abstract Machine) +
-framework (​research/​cram). CRAM +
-is a software toolbox for the design, the implementation, ​and the +
-deployment of cognition-enabled autonomous robots performing everyday +
-manipulation activities. CRAM equips autonomous robots with lightweight +
-reasoning mechanisms that can infer control decisions rather than +
-requiring the decisions to be preprogrammed. +
- +
-The IAS group is integrated into the cluster of excellence "​Cognition +
-for Technical ​Systems", in which more than 120 researchers from +
-different disciplines and 5 renowned research institutes collaborate. +
-Furthermore,​ the IAS group is involved in several national and European +
-projects and collaborates with multiple renowned research groups all +
-over the world. +
- +
-TU München enjoys an excellent international reputation as an academic +
-leader and has been consistently ranked as one of the three best +
-universities in Germany. The Munich area itself offers high quality of +
-living, with unparalleled out-door recreational opportunities and a +
-great cultural life. +
- +
-=== About the candidate === +
- +
-Candidates for PhD positions should have a Master'​s degree in computer +
-science or equivalent. Expertise in one or more topics related to our +
-research on cognition-enabled autonomous robots is expected, e.g. +
-artificial intelligence,​ robotics, knowledge representation,​ task +
-planning, control systems engineering,​ probabilistic models, and +
-machine learning. Experience in working with real robot systems is a +
-plus. +
- +
-The candidates should have strong programming skills in more than one +
-language, preferably including a functional programming language, and +
-should be interested in programming language design concepts. +
- +
-Research in our group involves close collaboration with other team +
-members and with international partners. Candidates should therefore be +
-willing to work in a team and to integrate their work into the complete +
-robotic system. Software developed in the group is usually released as +
-open source, and candidates are expected to actively contribute to our +
-open-source activities. +
- +
-International candidates are encouraged to apply, knowledge of the +
-German language is not required, though fluent English is a must. +
- +
-=== About the position === +
- +
-We offer a full-time employment as scientific research staff with the +
-option of obtaining a doctoral degree. The successful candidates will +
-perform research in the context of our Cognitive Robot Abstract Machine +
-project, working on cognition-enabled mobile manipulation in close +
-collaboration with the other members of the group and international +
-partners. They are further expected to contribute to the group'​s +
-teaching program and will be given the opportunity to work with Bachelor +
-and Master students. +
- +
-The employment is limited with the possibility of extension to four +
-years. The position is to be filled at the earliest date possible. The +
-salary will be according to the German TV-L E13 payment scheme. TU +
-München aims for a higher proportion of women. Therefore, applications +
-from women are explicitly appreciated. Severely disabled people will be +
-considered preferentially if qualifications are basically equal. +
- +
-=== How to apply === +
- +
-Applicants should provide the following material: +
-  * Motivation letter that briefly describes the candidate'​s background +
-  * CV +
-  * Academic certificates +
-  * Date of availability +
- +
-All documents should be submitted as a PDF file via email to Michael +
-Beetz <​>,​ CC to Moritz Tenorth <​>​. For +
-further questions please contact Moritz Tenorth (+49-89-289-26912,​ + or consult our website. +
- +
-Applicants are encouraged to contact Michael Beetz during IROS 2011 in +
-San Francisco or Humanoids 2011 in Bled, Slovenia. +
- +
-=== Related links === +
- +
-  * Intelligent Autonomous Systems Group: http://​ +
-  * Our robots making pancakes: http://​​watch?​v=4usoE981e7I +
-  * Our robots preparing Bavarian breakfast: http://​​watch?​v=gbIDPqb_2iM +
-  * Cognitive Robot Abstract Machine (CRAM) http://​​new/​research/​cram +
-  * TU München: http://​​ +
-  * Salary calculator (in German): http://​​c/​t/​rechner/​tv-l/​west?​id=tv-l-2011 +
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