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Tracking-based Interactive Segmentation of Textureless Objects

This paper describes a textureless object segmentation approach for autonomous service robots acting in human living environments. The proposed system allows a robot to effectively segment textureless objects in cluttered scenes by leveraging its manipulation capabilities. In our pipeline, the cluttered scenes are first statically segmented using state-of-the-art classification algorithm and then the interactive segmentation is deployed in order to resolve this possibly ambiguous static segmentation. In the second step the RGBD (RGB + Depth) sparse features, estimated on the RGBD point cloud from the Kinect sensor, are extracted and tracked while motion is induced into a scene. Using the resulting feature poses, the features are then assigned to their corresponding objects by means of a graph- based clustering algorithm. In the final step, we reconstruct the dense models of the objects from the previously clustered sparse RGBD features. We evaluated the approach on a set of scenes which consist of various textureless flat (e.g. box-like) and round (e.g. cylinder-like) objects and the combinations thereof. The paper is under review and available on demand. code

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