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 <​member>​ <​member>​
- <​memberimage>​https://​​_media/​people/​maldonad/​maldonado_robot.jpg</​memberimage>​+ <​memberimage>​https://​​_media/​people/​maldonad/​alexis_maldonado_small.jpg</​memberimage>​
    <​uid>​maldonad</​uid>​    <​uid>​maldonad</​uid>​
    <​name>​Alexis Maldonado</​name>​    <​name>​Alexis Maldonado</​name>​
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 +=== Moved to UniHB! ===
 +Please note that our group has moved during 2012 to the University of Bremen.
 +Here is the address of my new website:
 === Personal === === Personal ===
 +I am a PhD student working under the supervision of Prof. Michael Beetz.
 +As a part of my work at IAS, I've done a lot of the integration needed to get [[robots:​tum-rosie|TUM-Rosie]] running. Here is a timelapse video of our latest hardware work: [[http://​​yBZQbCBi9LM|Re-building Rosie]]
 Please see my [[https://​​104614502430714028643|Google profile]] Please see my [[https://​​104614502430714028643|Google profile]]
 +My research interests include robotic grasping, manipulation,​ integrating additional sensors to robot hands and arms and robot systems integration.
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