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Combining Perception and Knowledge Processing for Everyday Manipulation

This paper describes and discusses the K-COPMAN (Knowledge-enabled Cognitive Perception for Manipulation) system, which enables autonomous robots to generate symbolic representations of perceived objects and scenes and to infer answers to complex queries that require the combination of perception and knowledge processing. Using K-COPMAN, the robot can solve inference tasks such as identifying items that are likely to be missing on a breakfast table. To the programmer K-COPMAN, is presented as a logic programming system that can be queried just like a symbolic knowledge base. Internally, K-COPMAN is realized through a data structure framework together with a library of stateof-the-art perception mechanisms for mobile manipulation in human environments. Key features of K-COPMAN are that it can make a robot environment-aware and that it supports goal-directed as well as passive perceptual processing. K-COPMAN is fully integrated into an autonomous mobile manipulation robot and is realized with in the open-source robot library ROS. [ pdf ]

Visual Scene Detection and Interpretation using Encyclopedic Knowledge and Formal Description Logic

In this system paper we report on our experience while working with a top-down guided 3D CAD model-based vision algorithm, being executed by an autonomous robot on objects (tableware and cutlery) in an Assistive Household environment. Top-down guidance is shaped upon how-to instructions which are parsed and extracted from the webpage - one of the world’s largest resource of natural language task descriptions. Therein we selected a How to set a table entry and thus constructed this paper upon conversely interpreting the table setting for a meal. The robot’s knowledge base is represented in Description Logics (DL) using the Web Ontology Language, and the inferences are obtained by virtue of SWI-Prolog queries. The whole proposed system is controlled by a modern, leading-edge Reactive Plan Language (RPL) which is the basic planning feature in the Assistive Household. [ pdf ]
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