Player/Stage as Middleware for Ubiquitous Computing (bibtex)
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                       The effective development and deployment of
                       comprehensive and heterogeneous ubiquitous computing
                       applications is hindered by the lack of a
                       comprehensive middleware infrastructure: interfaces
                       to sensors are company specific and sometimes even
                       product specific.  Typically, these interfaces also
                       do not sustain the development of robust systems that
                       make use of sensor data fusion. In this paper, we
                       propose the use of Player/Stage, a middleware
                       commonly used as a defacto standard by the robotics
                       community, as the backbone of a heterogeneous
                       ubiquitous system.  Player/Stage offers many features
                       needed in ubicomp, mostly because dealing with
                       uncertainty and many different sensor and actuator
                       systems has been a long term problem in robotics as
                       well. We emphasize they key features of the
                       Player/Stage project, and show how ubicomp devices
                       can be integrated into the system, as well as how
                       existing devices can be used. On top of that, we
                       present our sensor-enabled AwareKitchen environment
                       which makes use of automatic data analysis algorithms
                       integrated as drivers in the Player/Stage platform.
                       All our work is released as open source software
                       under the Player/Stage package, of which we are
                       active developers.
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