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Probabilistic Algorithms and the Interactive Museum Tour-Guide Robot Minerva (bibtex) [pdf]
  author  = {Sebastian Thrun and Michael Beetz and Maren Bennewitz and Armin Cremers and Frank Dellaert
             and Dieter Fox and Dirk H{\"a}hnel and Charles Rosenberg and Nicholas Roy and Jamieson Schulte and Dirk Schulz},
  title   = "Probabilistic Algorithms and the Interactive Museum Tour-Guide Robot {M}inerva",
  journal = "International Journal of Robotics Research",
  year    = "2000",
  bib2html_pubtype  = {Journal},
  bib2html_rescat   = {Plan-based Robot Control, State Estimation},
  bib2html_groups   = {IAS},
  bib2html_funding  = {ignore},
  bib2html_keywords = {Robot, Planning},
  abstract = {This paper describes Minerva, an interactive tour-guide robot that was successful ly deployed in a
              Smithsonian museum. Minerva's software is pervasively probabilistic, relying on explicit
              representations of uncertainty in perception and control. This article describes Minerva's major
              software components, and provides a comparative analysis of the results obtained in the Smithsonian
              museum. During two weeks of highly successful operation, the robot interacted with thousands of
              people, both in the museum and through the Web, traversing more than 44km at speeds of up to
              163 cm/sec in the unmodified museum.}
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