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Large-scale integrative projects

  • cotesys: Cognition for Technical Systems

Task-level planning and execution

  • cram: Cognitive Robot Abstract Machine
  • para: Planning for Adaptive Robot Assistance
  • cogito: Plan-based control of robotic agents

Knowledge processing for robots

Robot manipulation

  • cogman: Cognitive robot manipulation

Robot perception

  • Cop: Perception system for robots
  • envmod: Automated environment modeling

Observation and interpretation of human activities

  • Am-EvA: Framework for analyzing observations of human activities
  • Romeo: Body, hand and object tracking in everyday activities
  • MeMoMan: Marker-less full-body human pose tracking
  • Face-mimic: Analysis of facial expressions
  • Multi joint vision: Real-time distributed computer vision with application to human-robot interaction

Analysis of sports

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