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 ====== TUM-James PR2 ====== ====== TUM-James PR2 ======
 +{{ :​robots:​tum-james:​pr2_milk_frosties_small.jpg?​nolink&​250|}}
-[[http://​​pages/​pr2/​overview]]+TUM-James is a PR2 robot by Willow Garage that was awarded to the IAS group as part of the [[http://​​blog/​2010/​06/​21/​pr2-beta-sites-spotlight-tu-muenchen|PR2 Beta Program]]. The IAS group was selected among eleven universities to receive a PR2 robot for two years to support the implementation of the [[Research/​CRAM|Cognitive Robot Abstract Machine framework]] in the ROS environment. 
 +==== Sensors ==== 
 +  * Microsoft Kinect 3D camera 
 +  * 5 Megapixel camera in the head 
 +  * Narrow-angle and wide-angle stereo cameras in the head 
 +  * LED texture projector in the head 
 +  * Cameras in the forearms 
 +  * Tilting Hokuyo UTM-30LX laser scanner 
 +  * Hokuyo UTM-30LX Laser Scanner in the base 
 +  * Fingertip pressure sensors 
 +A detailed description of the PR2 robot can be found on the Willow Garage web site: [[http://​​pages/​pr2/​overview]]
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