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Technical Cognitive Systems (IN2222)

Duration5 SWS
TypeLecture with Practical Sessions
LecturerProf. Michael Beetz, PhD
AssistantsDaniel Nyga
Nico Blodow
Lorenz Mösenlechner
Ingo Kresse
Alexis Maldonado
Thomas Rühr
Lars Kunze
Dejan Pangercic
Can Isik
Gheorghe Lisca
Sohee Lee
Georg Bartels
Zoltan-Csaba Marton
Goalsiehe Modulbeschreibung IN2222
DateBlock Course:
30.07.2012 - 03.08.2012, 9:00AM-5:00PM
Theresianum, Room 0670ZG, Arcisstr. 21

Latest News

Public announcements with respect to the lecture, the practical sessions and the exam will be published here. Contact: Daniel Nyga (

  • You have the opportunity to inspect your evaluated exam. In order to do so, please make an individual appointment with Daniel Nyga
  • The exam takes place on Monday, August 13, 2012 at 10:00AM (s.t.!!!). Venue is MI Hörsaal 1 in Garching. Please show up at least 20min before and bring your student ID card. No auxiliaries are permitted except for a dictionary.
  • The lecture on Thursday is supposed to take place in the default lecture room, i.e. Room 0670. In case that the technical problems have not been fixed until then, we will again move to Room 0602.


The lecture aims at a basic understanding of the concepts of human cognition, understanding the transfer of cognitive skills to machines, applications in robotics (language and image understanding, planning, action generation):

  • Basic concepts (perception - cognition - action)
  • transfer of cognitive skills (sensors, algorithms, behaviour patterns)
  • study of prototypes of existing systems


At the end of the semester, there will be a written examination. Registration for the lecture and the exam must be done via TUMOnline.

  • Date: Mon, August 13, 2012
  • Time: 10:00 AM
  • Duration: 90 min
  • Location: MI Hörsaal 1, Garching

No auxiliaries are permitted.


Monday, 30.07.2012
09:00 AMLecture: Introduction to the Course
10:30 AMLecture: Introduction to the ROS Robot Operating System
12:00 AMLunch Break
01:30 PMGuest Talk on ROS by Willow Garage
03:00 PMLecture: Dynamic System Models/Agent Models

Tuesday, 31.07.2012
09:00 AMLecture: Sensors
10:30 AMLecture: Perception for Cognitive Robots
12:00 AMLunch Break
01:30 PMShort Intros: [ OpenCV ] [ PCL ]
03:00 PM[ Exercises ] [ Solutions - (Updated 08.08.2012) 1 corrected, 2 TBD ]

Wednesday, 01.08.2012
09:00 AMLecture: State Estimation & Bayesian Filtering
10:30 AMLecture: Knowledge Processing for Cognitive Robots
12:00 AMLunch Break
01:30 PMLecture: Reasoning
03:00 PMPractical Session, Exercises (Updated 04.08.2012)

Thursday, 02.08.2012
09:00 AMLecture: Control Frameworks
10:30 AMLecture:Motion Planning
12:00 AMLunch Break
01:30 PMLecture: Localization, SLAM
03:00 PMPractical Session, Exercises

Friday, 03.08.2012
09:00 AMLecture: Grasp-Planning
10:30 AMLecture: Robot Hardware, Actuators
12:00 AMLunch Break
01:30 PMLecture: High-Level Planning
03:00 PMPractical Session, Exercises

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