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Master-Praktikum - Innovation@CoTeSys (IN2106, IN8902, IN4109)

Dauer6 SWS
VortragendeRuiz Ugalde F
Lehrzielsiehe Modulbeschreibung IN2106
BemerkungenBei Interesse bitte melden Sie sich bei

siehe Modulbeschreibung IN2106

Short description

This project is a joint teaching and research project on developing new consumer products with cognitive capabilities. During the practical course the students will learn more about cognition and how this can be applied to a real product. During the practical course students deal with cognitive systems, new product development, prototyping and soft skills, including working in multidisciplinary teams. The project has resulted in both new and innovative cognitive products as well as educating and motivating students in the topics of the CoTeSys research cluster.

WS2011 Topic

This year topic will be about: Cognitive recycling products.


Cognitive products

Innovation cognitive products

  • Product development.
  • Machine Learning.
  • Cognition.
  • Robot/hardware middleware suites.
  • GUI design.
  • Prototyping.


Student groups are organized during the first weeks, they will work on the development and prototyping of a product that exhibits some cognitive behavior or/and that can be use by a cognitive system. The practical course has coaches that take the roll of guides for each group. The practical course consists of lectures explaining the contents of the course to the students, student meetings (with the coaches) and development of a prototype of the product.


The practical course has available for the students hardware and software kits which were selected to accelerate development of the prototypes. Currently we have a very complete set of phidgets. We also have a set of swarm small robots, a minicomputer (Sharp Zaurus), netbooks and powerful laptops. Additionally the students can spend up to 2000 euros in hardware when necessary. Currently we are using playerstage and yarp as hardware/software communication middlewares. C/C++ and python are the preferred programming languages. Technical coaches are available to help with the hardware/software development. There are lectures explaining the hardware and software kits.

Products developed by students have a high chance to be used in the context of the CoTeSys cluster of Excellence.

For more information (german) please check here. For enrollment please contact Federico Ruiz-Ugalde (only for informatik students)

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