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load_rdf/2Parse an XML file holding an RDF term into a list of RDF triples.
process_rdf/3Process RDF from Input.
element_to_plrdf/3Rewrite a single XML element.
rdf_name_space/1True if URL must be handled as rdf: Determines special handling of rdf:about, rdf:resource, etc.
xml_to_plrdf/3Translate an XML (using namespaces) term into an Prolog term representing the RDF data.
rdf_triples/2Convert an object as parsed by into a list of rdf/3 triples.
anon_prefix/1If defined, it is the prefix used to generate a blank node.
rdf_end_file/1Cleanup reaching the end of an RDF file.
rdf_reset_ids/0Utility predicate to reset the gensym counters for the various generated identifiers.
rdf_start_file/2Initialise for the translation of a file.
rewrite/2Invoke the term-rewriting system.
owl_cardinality_on_subject/3Deduces the minimum and maximum cardinality for a property of a resource.
owl_description/2Convert an owl description into a Prolog representation.
owl_direct_subclass_of/2Returns both the RDFS subclasses and subclass relations implied by owl:intersectionOf and owl:unionOf descriptions.
owl_disjoint_with/2MT: Tests if Class1 and Class2 are disjoint, taking both individual disjointWith properties and the OWL2 AllDisjointClasses into account.
owl_find/5Search all classes below Domain for a literal property with that matches String.
owl_has/3True if this relation is specified or can be deduced using OWL inference rules.
owl_has_direct/3Deals with `One-step' OWL inferencing: inverse properties, symmetric properties and being subtype of a restriction with an owl:hasValue statement on this property.
owl_individual_of/2Test or generate the resources that satisfy Description according the the OWL-Description entailment rules.
owl_merged_restriction/3As owl_restriction_on/2, but combines multiple restrictions into the least strict restriction satisfying the declared restrictions.
owl_restriction/2Translate Resource, an individual of owl:restriction into a Prolog term.
owl_restriction_on/2Enumerate the restrictions that apply to PropertyID for Class.
owl_same_as/2True if X and Y are identical or connected by the owl:sameAs relation.
owl_satisfies/2Test whether Resource satisfies Specification.
owl_subclass_of/2Transitive version of owl_direct_subclass_of/2.
rdf_set_cache_options/1Change the cache policy.
rdf_load/1Load RDF file.
rdf_register_ns/2Register Alias as an abbreviateion for URI.
rdf_save/1Save RDF data to file.
rdf_save_db/1Save triples into File in a quick-to-load binary format.
rdf_transaction/1Backward compatibility.
rdf_active_transaction/1True if Id is the identifier of a currently open transaction.
rdf_bnode/1Generate a unique anonymous identifier for a subject.
rdf_current_predicate/1True if Predicate is a currently defined predicate.
rdf_equal/2Simple equality test to exploit goal-expansion.
rdf_global_id/2Convert between NS:Local and global atomic identifier.
rdf_global_object/2Same as rdf_global_id/2, but intended for dealing with the object part of a triple, in particular the type for typed literals.
rdf_global_term/2Does rdf_global_id/2 on all terms NS:Local by recursively analysing the term.
rdf_graph/1True if DB is a current named graph with at least one triple.
rdf_has/3Succeeds if the triple rdf(Subject, Predicate, Object) is true exploiting the rdfs:subPropertyOf predicate.
rdf_is_bnode/1Tests if a resource is a blank node (i.e.
rdf_load_db/1Load triples from a file created using rdf_save_db/2 and update the file administration.
rdf_make/0Reload all loaded files that have been modified since the last time they were loaded.
rdf_member_property/2Deal with the rdf:_1, ... properties.
rdf_meta/1This directive is expanded using term-expansion.
rdf_monitor/2Call Goal if spefified actions occur on the database.
rdf_node/1Generate a unique blank node identifier for a subject.
rdf_predicate_property/2Enumerate predicates and their properties.
rdf_reset_db/0Remove all triples from the RDF database and reset all its statistics.
rdf_save_footer/1Finish XML generation and write the document footer.
rdf_save_header/2Save XML document header, doctype and open the RDF environment.
rdf_save_subject/3Save the triples associated to Subject to Out.
rdf_source/1True if Source is a loaded source.
rdf_source/2True if named graph DB is loaded from Source.
rdf_source_location/2Return the source-locations for triples for this subject.
rdf_statistics/1Obtain statistics on the RDF database.
rdf_unload/1Remove the triples loaded from the specified source and remove the source from the database.
rdfe_can_redo/1Check if we can undo and if so return the id of the transaction that will be un/re-done.
rdfe_load/1Load an RDF file and record this action including version information to facilitate reliable reload.
rdfe_clear_modified/1Consider the current state of DB as unmodified.
rdfe_close_journal/0Close the journal.
rdfe_current_journal/1Query the currently open journal.
rdfe_delete/1Delete a subject and all we know about it.
rdfe_get_file_property/2Fetch file properties set with rdfe_set_file_property/2.
rdfe_is_modified/1True if facts have been added, deleted or updated that have Source as `payload'.
rdfe_open_journal/2Open a journal writing to File in Mode.
rdfe_redo/0Start a redo-session.
rdfe_register_ns/2Encapsulation of rdf_register_ns(Id, URI).
rdfe_replay_journal/1Replay a journal file.
rdfe_reset/0Clear database, undo, namespaces and journalling info.
rdfe_set_file_property/2Set properties on the file.
rdfe_set_transaction_name/1Set name of the current transaction.
rdfe_set_watermark/1Create a watermark for undo and replay journal upto this point.
rdfe_snapshot_file/1Enumerate the MD5 snapshot files required to restore the current journal file.
rdfe_transaction/1Run Goal, recording all modifications as a single transaction.
rdfe_transaction_member/2Query actions inside a transaction to allow for quick update of visualisers.
rdfe_transaction_name/2Return name if the transaction is named.
rdfe_undo/0Undo a (toplevel) transaction.
rdfe_update/4Update an existing triple.
rdfs_assert_list/2Create an RDF list from the given Resources.
rdfs_ns_label/2Present label with namespace indication.
rdfs_class_property/2Enumerate the properties in the domain of Class.
rdfs_find/5Search all classes below Domain for a literal property with that matches String.
rdfs_individual_of/2Generate resources belonging to a class or classes a resource belongs to.
rdfs_label/2Convert between class and label.
rdfs_label/3Resource has Label in Lang.
rdfs_list_to_prolog_list/2Convert ann RDFS list (result from parseType=Collection) into a Prolog list of elements.
rdfs_member/2As Prolog member on sets.
rdfs_subclass_of/2Generate sub/super classes.
rdfs_subproperty_of/2Query the property hierarchy.
rdf_common_ancestor/2Get one of the most specific common ancestors of rdf_classes.
rdf_triple/3Hook entry that computes triples: (rdfs_computable_compute_property_concatenation, rdf_has, rdfs_computable_triple).
rdfs_computable_class/2Search for computable classes with the target Class.
rdfs_computable_instance_of/2Compute computable instances of Class.
rdfs_computable_property/2Search ComputableProperty with the target Property.
rdfs_computable_triple/3Unify the property triple for a computable property.
rdfs_instance_of/2combine rdfs_computable_instance_of (with subclass handling) and rdfs:rdfs_individual_of.